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Contain, February 2021

Artist Statement

Giovanna Viola is a Chilean-American fine art photographer and visual artist.  Through her creations, she elicits surreal experiences using an array of techniques. These conceptual realities are motivated by explorations of the rare, of the bizarre, and of a wish to inspire the viewer to seek new realms and experiences.  Among her preferred media are photography, painting, sculpture, mixed-media and photograph manipulation.


Throughout her childhood in Chile Giovanna was excited about creating with her hands; she worked with wood alongside her father and crafted with her mother, sharing the satisfaction of conceiving and designing distinctive products.  


In her teens, she was drawn to the complex and multi-faceted art of filmmaking.  Following this passion, Giovanna then immersed herself in the study of Cinematography, earning her degree in 2013 from the University of Arts, Sciences, and Communications (UNIACC) in Providencia, Chile. 


Through her university studies, Giovanna fell in love with visual and digital arts.  She developed a special excitement for symbolism and surrealism, their power to reconcile dreams and reality, and was captivated by the beauty of communicating without words. 


Seeking fresh inspiration and a wider realm for artistic endeavor, Giovanna relocated to the United States in 2015, settling first in Massachusetts. While adjusting to a new world and learning English, Giovanna decided to pursue her fervor for conceptual photography.  She hasn’t stopped since!

Currently lives and works in northern Virginia in the United States.

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