Contain, February 2021


I am an artist, photographer, and filmmaker. I create surreal worlds and characters using different artistic techniques from photography to sculpture. I often explore themes that highlight the contrast between death and life as well as darkness and light. My work also covers thematic content relating to rebirth, the cycle of life, balance, resilience, magic, mysticism, the concept of perception, love and dreams.


Personally, I have always loved vampires, crows, goth influences, and dark fantasy worlds. I find these worlds to be truly romantic and fascinating in their own unique ways. 


When I have an image in my head, I think about what would be the best way to create it, whether it is photography, Photoshop, sculpture, painting, video or a mix of media. Usually, my work includes animals to represent human qualities and emotions. I employ this creative metaphor to foster both the experience of wonder and contrasting feelings in my work. I use dark but vivid color palettes, I load my images with symbolism, and I try to create in a way that generates different experiences for the viewer when they explore it from different angles.


Since I was little, I’ve been passionate about creating things with my hands. I worked with wood with my father and crafted with my mother all the time. Anything that required creativity-- I was there. I was drawn to filmmaking and even got a degree in it. I love filmmaking because of how many different tools it taught me: photography, lighting, audio, acting, music, video, and  camera technique. It was perfect. During my pursuit of my film degree was when I also discovered a love for graphic design and other genres of art, specifically surrealism. I became enamored with the idea of symbolism and how one can communicate something without words. (This is great because I’m not always good with words!) 


My goal is to inspire others to see beauty in the uncommon, embolden people to enjoy life, and to encourage individuals to be kinder to each other so that we can make the world a little bit better together.